Christa U. (toki_hasegara) wrote in poet_society,
Christa U.

Entitled, "My storybook lover"

I wrote this a long time ago, it was inspired by a book I read, "Knight in Shining Armor". Hope you like it, it's a very amateur-ish poem, I think. Haha, don't hesitate to comment and criticize.

I am lying down on my bed a book wide open in my hand
My raven hair spilling into the pillows
As I turn to the next page
I find myself in a storybook land

A dream and a reality merged into one
I awaken in an unknown place
Noticing only the air fresh and my surroundings beautiful
From nowhere, a man suddenly appearing in front of my face

With rugged features and a strong body
He is my knight in shining armor
He lifts me unto his horse, carrying me away
Sweet passion erupts and I become his paramour

Days pass, pure ecstasy filling each second
I live each day as if there is no tomorrow
Each night, reaching high unto the Heavens
My body reaching the highest high and the lowest low

Together forever he had said to me
This was a promised shared with a special bond
A glorious month passing as fast as a year
In happiness and in sond

Walking around, we find ourselves in a familiar place
Where started the happiest moments of my life
We lay down on the grassy lawn, the wind emitting a sweet melody
Slowly falling asleep as my mind dreams, memories still rife

Waking up once again, I am back in my bed
Gone is my knight in shining armor
The book is still open, I start to close it
But I stop as I stare into the words, “The lord saying, gone is my raven-haired paramour”
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