Miss Asphyxia (trypanophobic34) wrote in poet_society,
Miss Asphyxia

Split Lip

My lip cracks and bleeds
Each time I smile too wide or too deep
Perhaps I shouldn’t smile anymore
For collecting in a pile on the floor
Are tissues pinprick-spotted red
And ghosts are lying upon the bed
They’ve been there since they went years ago
Beside them, I ponder the meaning of “alone”
For I’ve been told by a sideways man
That the universe scatters in my hand
And the Big Bang in my pupil is coveted by my eye
Its progress slowed but not deterred by intrinsic design
And although I never quite understand what he’s saying
There’s a scale in my pain-squeezed heart and it’s been weighing
The lightness and darkness in this life
The quantity but not the quality of strife
And that lip is still bleeding
The ghosts, dead, are always growing
And the world inside me is still spinning
Not yet surprised that I’ve stopped smiling.
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