Miss Asphyxia (trypanophobic34) wrote in poet_society,
Miss Asphyxia


I looked down into a Well
The depths swirling and my reflection quivering
Thrown back up out of the water
And cast into the skies
Where it wavered for a moment like forever
And slowly, eventually died

That soul of mine
It never stays still but considers
And like a person-shaped shadow
Huddles doubtfully in the corner

I know that I will never get well
It’s simply a realization
How does the world look when it’s slanted
Or when you’re slightly sideways?
Ignorance is the price of wellness
Both can be softly stolen away

This disease
It’s the hollowness in your bones
Like birds’, about to break
It’s the veins scraped clean like gutters
Puckered like skin-deep scars
It’s your heart beating so hard it bursts
And bleeds all over your rib cage
Seeping into your lungs, you breathe in blood
And drenching less vital organs

It never goes away
Crept in through the shutters of my soul like day
Wellness hovers like an illusion about to break

There’s not a moment to lose when death came far too soon
And all the moments are interruptions
In a stream of conscious oblivion
Like piano notes in a song that simply do not compose a song

This bastard brainchild
Stillborn emotions that did not live or die
The love that grew in me withered like a vine
And I am afraid that it’s been annulled by time

And all the fountains of beauty in the world
Pooled as tears of blood in my eyes
And all the hate and hurt I feel
Eat away like cancer at the hollow cavities inside

And at the end of the day I’m left quite far away
Sitting in a room
In a place you will never reach
And I know that I’ll be okay
Yes, I’ll be okay
Because no one can ever, ever take me away
From this place
That is me
From this room
Lit by day

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