Christa U. (toki_hasegara) wrote in poet_society,
Christa U.

Entitled, "Someday, just not now"

I wrote this last November 4. Inspired by my current feelings towards "someone". I think it's more of free verse than poetic though.

When you’ve got trouble
When you’re in pain
When you can’t seem to get out of the rain

I’ll be there

When no one’s there to cheer you on
When no one’s there to trust you
When no one’s there to hold on to

I’ll be there

Despite what you may say
I know that someday
You’ll learn to recognize me
You’ll realize that I was there all along

When that time comes
When you’re on your own
And you’re feeling blue
You’ll realize that I’ve been there all along

But by then
It’s too late...

I won’t know if I will have found someone else by then
I don’t know if I’ll still care for you as much as I do now
I don’t know if I’ll even be there anymore

You’ll always have a place in my heart
Because you are the first
You’ll always be the first one I’ve told face-to-face

Someday, I’ll realize
You weren’t worth all this pain and all this heartache
Those times I’ve spent thinking about you,
a complete waste

You may have been flattered
For a while, I was stunned
But it’s all over

I’ve come to a conclusion
Though I may still feel hurt
Like my heart’s in a knot every time I think about you
Someday, I’ll be happy that I moved on

Just, not now
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